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Posted On December - 24 - 2013

There is a really funny thing about time; you either have too much on hand sometimes and at other times you just cannot find enough of it to do all that you wish to. When it comes to those times when time seems to slow down and simply does not pass, leaving you feeling lethargic, you should try playing Rummy Online Games. We Indians have always shown a penchant for the 13 cards rummy game and by moving online, this game has become even more popular. Added to the fact that the rummy game has moved online is the fact  [ ... ]

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Posted On November - 29 - 2013

Can you imagine a world where research means going to an old library and looking at documents of the past, or communicating in writing to someone means buying stamps, writing a letter and posting it or if you wanted to call someone, you had to walk up to a phone booth to do so? You cannot imagine a scenario like that right? It all sounds so old hat. Then why would you want to wait for others to play rummy? That is also something that is defunct given that the world of rummy has been made conveniently available to you,  [ ... ]

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Posted On November - 14 - 2013
Jumbo Rummy Tourney

13 cards rummy is a popular game in India and there are many variants that are played across the country with their own set of peculiar rules and features. But the simple and basic game of Indian rummy or 13 cards rummy as we sometimes call it remains essentially the same. Sites that host Rummy Online Games like Classic Rummy offer resources so that you can learn basic concepts of rummy games as well as detailed rules that apply to each variant. But here is a small snapshot of the basic concepts of the game: Deck: Is the set of  [ ... ]

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Posted On October - 7 - 2013

It is now an established fact that rummy games have moved online and that too in a big way,which means you can play when you please and the variant that you feel like playing. Sites that host Indian Rummy Online like Classic Rummy have placed no restrictions on the number of free games that a player can play, which means that you are welcome to register and start playing free games as long as you want to. But the thing is that a skill based game like 13 cards rummy is bound to awaken the competitive spirit in you and  [ ... ]

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Posted On September - 19 - 2013

We all like the possibility of getting more than we put or invested in something very attractive. There is no doubt that most of us would love it when two and two together gives you a result that is more than four. In rummy games online, this is possible. Especially when you register and play at a site like Classic Rummy. Here is how two and two makes more than four in good Indian Rummy Online sites: There is a good chance that you would be allowed to play free games and win cash. Even if you do not get  [ ... ]

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Posted On August - 27 - 2013
rummy cards games

We all know that when you are into playing rummy card games with interesting offers like the one you get on sites like Classic Rummy, it is really easy to get carried away. While a passion for a skill based game like Indian Rummy Online is all fine and appreciable, it is important to always remember one thing – never go over the top. What we mean here by going over the top in this context is to remember that though absorbing, interesting and rewarding 13 cards rummy is just a game and should be treated like one. By this  [ ... ]

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